Thursday, January 29, 2015

Behind the cover: A Good Food Day: Reboot Your Health With Food That Tastes Great

by Marco Canora, with Tammy Walker; photographs by Michael Harlan Turkell

An honest no bullshit approach to eating healthier without compromise.

I was recently introduced to a neat program called Blogging for Books by a friend and wonderful blogger Erica Kennedy of Everyday Erica. In short the program gets books into the hands of bloggers. I know you probably hadn't deducted to that but I thought I would explain. Needless to say I would highly recommend checking out her blog for all things creative, healthy and fun.

A Good Food Day

I chose this book because I liked the title. A good food day, don't we all seek that? Too often we skip breakfast, grab a fast lunch or maybe even say to hell with dinner. I know this is often the case for me. I never eat breakfast, usually have an unhealthy lunch or skip it entirely and dinner is where I focus my power. But face it you can't live a healthy life eating one decent meal a day.

Marco tells his story of being a career chef and treating his body poorly for years upon years. Between work and life, time gets away from you and at some point you realize you're killing yourself. With the help of his wife he created a concept called "A Good Food Day" which outlines various steps to successful eating. These steps coupled with his amazing recipes make eating healthy easy, fun and even a little adventurous. 

With 125 recipes and stunning photos from Michael Harlan Turkell this book not only tells a great story but also inspires you to try something new. Maybe a day with no-cook overnight oats in the morning, shaved asparagus, avocado and quinoa salad for lunch and lamb stew for dinner.

Since reading this book I have made some simple changes to my diet and noticed quite a difference. Simply substituting a cup of coffee for a shake it the morning has been very easy for me to do and allows me to get my body going and intake tons of nutrients. If you are looking to make simple changes to your diet and need a little help crafting a Good Food Day check out this book.

I even caught my 11 year old enjoying this book.
Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.